Matt Sura In The News


“Larimer County tightens oil and gas rules, becoming perhaps the most strict in the state” Molly Bohannon, Sady Swanson, Fort Collins Coloradoan Aug. 4, 2021.

Rules ‘among the most strict in the state’  [Larimer County’s Special Counsel] Matt Sura told the commissioners that with these new regulations, Larimer County “will be among the most strict in the state of Colorado” in almost every respect. 

“Gunbarrel shows up to fight fracking”, Dani Hemmat, Left Hand Valley Courier,  Dec 27, 2018,  

A Heatherwood Neighborhood is being leased by Extraction Oil and Gas, a Denver based oil and gas company. A group of citizens from this spotlighted neighborhood got together on December 19, 2018. The meeting featured Speaker Matt Sura. In this meeting Sura explained that he was proud of Boulder County government for trying to fix a “broken system”, but he also noted that “the COGCC has never denied a permit application.” 

“Will Colorado’s New Oil and Gas Law Really Destroy the Industry?”, Jay Bouchard, 5280 Magazine, April 11, 2019,

 A new bill has fallen on the Senate floor. This bill is called SB-181. SB-181 will give Local Government more say in their own towns rules for oil and gas development. When the bill was dropped the Oil and Gas Industry went crazy and Sen. Rob Woodward says that the economic effects will be so severe that “Marriages will crumble and suicides will increase.” Matt Sura has a different view. Sura says that, “There will be several impacts, but I don’t think those impacts will be as dramatic as the oil and gas industry is saying.” Sura also notes that the bulk of oil and gas wells in Colorado are located in places that are unlikely to impose more self-regulation in addition to what the state mandates.

“In “new era” of oil and gas regulation, Colorado communities waste no time writing own rules” John Aguilar, Denver Post, May 6, 2019,

 Less than three weeks after Gov. Jared Polis signed into law a sweeping bill giving cities and towns in Colorado new powers to regulate oil and gas drilling, communities sitting atop the state’s vast fossil fuel deposits are already looking at how to flex their newfound muscle. Several local governments started getting rulemaking started including Lafayette, within hours of the bill being signed added 6 months to their moratorium. Matt Sura, an oil and gas attorney for a half dozen northern Front Range communities perched over the mineral-rich Denver-Julesburg basin, told elected leaders at a recent Brighton City Council study session that “Local governments’ hands have been tied for as long as we’ve been doing this work together,” Sura said told City Council members in April. “You couldn’t go beyond what the state required. And that made things difficult.”

“Colorado Oil and Gas regulators tell Weld County the State still has authority as to where wells can go”, Joe Rubino, Denver Post, July 23, 2019,

Colorado oil and gas regulators are moving to rein in Weld County in the era of Senate Bill 181, the law passed this spring that gives more power to local governments to manage energy extraction within their borders. At issue is whether or not cities, counties, and towns can enact rules for drilling that are less restrictive than those on the books — or soon to be put on the books — at the state level. 

Matt Sura states that, “I can’t imagine that there is any oil and gas operator who is willing to ignore the need for a state permit and go to Weld County and get their local county permits and start drilling, That would be unlawful, illegal and would be penalized under state statute.”

“Superior looks toward oil and gas regulation in wake of Rocky Flats drilling scare”, 

Andrew Hahn, Boulder Daily Camera, November 22, 2018,

Superior’s temporary — and ill-fated — brush with oil and gas has made a lasting impression on the town. Though United Kingdom-based drilling firm Highlands Natural Resources Corp. dropped its plans to drill within the town’s 4-square-mile border last week, the area remains open for future applications, town officials say, and the community is wasting no time shoring up its slim regulations ahead of another drilling proposal. Matt Sura was brought on as the Town of Superior’s oil and gas attorney.

“Colorado school board feels forced to allow drilling under high school”, John Aguilar, Denver Post, September 7, 2017,

Oil and gas production in the rapidly expanding suburbs north of Denver continues to rankle residents, with the latest concerns coming from leaders at Adams 12 Five Star Schools over a plan by an energy firm to drill for minerals under Horizon High School. The school board for the 39,000-student district met Wednesday to consider signing a lease with Great Western Oil and Gas Co. that would enable the company to access 39 acres of mineral rights two miles under the school.

“Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper names 19 to new oil and gas task force on local control”, Cathy Proctor, Denver Business Journal, Sep 8, 2014.

Hickenlooper said Monday that the task force is “charged with crafting recommendations to help minimize land use conflicts that can occur when siting oil and gas facilities near homes, schools, businesses and recreational areas.”

The announcement said nearly 300 people from various industries, environmental organizations, and civic leader from around the state applied to be on the commission. The 19 task force members named Monday include local activists, oil and gas executives, and former state officials. The list included: Matt Sura, attorney, Law Office of Matthew Sura